Peter Nebengaus, a German jewelry designer, produces hand-made porcelain wares, each of them being unique and therefore so alluring.

Since 1995 in Berlin, Peter Nebengaus has been restoring antique porcelain wares of the world-famous European factories. Coming from the family of restorers, he had been studying the history of porcelain manufacture and various decorating techniques for many years. While restoring other masters’ works, he kept thinking of producing his own collection.

In early 2009, Peter Nebengaus gave up restoring and started developing and producing designer porcelain wares under the PETER NEBENGAUS COLLECTION brand.


The first distinctive mark of Peter Nebengaus Сollection designer jewelry porcelain collection
was an egg as a symbol of life and embodiment
of the wisdom of being.

Interior jewelry from Peter Nebengaus Collection opens the new classical era of German porcelain. His works accompany a certain lifestyle where aristocratic traditions harmoniously combine with modern design. The main purchasers of interior wares are private collectors, businesspeople, and art lovers.